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Saturday, September 15, 2018


Have you encountered this dilemma:

Ako: "Ma, expired na pala itong binigay ni Ninang Ester. Itapon ko na ah."
Nanay: "Siraulo, 'wag! [May pagsigaw! Lols!] Galing ng isteyts 'yan! Binigay daw 'yan nina Mama Rose, saka naman binigay ni ninang mo sa atin dahil andami raw nila stock sa bahay."
Ako: "Hala! Kapag bumula bibig n'yo mamaya, walang sisihan ah!"
Nanay: "Maglaway ka mamaya kamo. Ispam kaya ito. 'Di natin ito afford pag dito tayo bumili. Masyado mahal."
Ako: "Kayo po bahala. Isang bwan na palang expired ito. Sigurado ka po ba?"
Nanay: "Ah basta! Ito ang agahan natin for two days."

Kapag nagsama ba ako ng past trades ko sa blog ko today, let's say from last month, safe na bang sabihin na hindi ito recommendation? Sa mga taong nakakaalam na it's too late na para humabol pa, it's okay dahil alam nilang kabaliwan na bumili pa nito lalo kung hindi naman pang long-term investment ang laro para dito.
P.S. The story above is a work of fiction. Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the results of the writer’s imagination or if they are real they are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, events or any other kind is coincidental.
However, under a totally different set of conditions, we may not arrive at the same conclusion. Paano kung newbie, let's say katatapos lang um-attend ng seminar kahapon, 'di po ba s'ya mai-impluwensyahan na bumili ng stock na nakita n'yang binili ng iba?

He/she can check its charts first if he/she knows any better, but there could still be a bias towards buying it because like an expired can of spam, it may still be good to eat, and in this case, to buy.

Our intentions in sharing our insights with stock codes must be noble, like how my intentions in sharing this blog must be, however, the implications might be different.

We have seen an influx of kabayans discovering the opportunities in the markets. They're coming from all walks of life. Along with their numbers, come a change of perspectives. A paradigm shift.

Reco fever isn't forever. A new era has begun! A Golden Age Of Learning!
I've written about our great potential and THE PHILIPPINES' GOLDEN AGE two months ago but it all started when we collectively stood up to choose a leader that we think we deserve last 2016. Whether it has become evident just recently or in the past is subject to our individual observations.

Is it a random phenomenon that there seems to be a surge of friends on facebook who've become political analysts, sports commentators, economists, psych counselors, and other forms of experts? Or we finally found our voice? Why?

How does this new age of learning began? It started with our collective awareness. Our history books state that aristocracy prepares their descendants with intensive education and training, in order to produce a superior breed of rulers, or to the least, deserving heirs to their vast estates.

Then, education is the key! We now recognize this and striving towards its accession. We're now more critical to information, like a frog in the science laboratory that needs to be dissected, or an organism under a microscope that needs to be magnified for scientific studies.

There's a wide array of resources that we can choose from to conduct our own research, a variety of system tools that we can utilize, and a number of people that are willing to share their learnings.

We now have enough training, seminars, and special programs to choose from and enroll to.

Some are even keen in labeling nominal badges, in relation to investors/traders' level of trading skills, like Genin, Chuunin, Jounin, Kage, Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, etc.

I guess, it's safe to say that the more people that are joining our circle, the more diverse our learning environment becomes. And I think that we have to advance that idea of plurality, like how the ancient Athenians welcome outsiders in their city. We have to recognize our differences and take advantage of the opportunities it represent.

The more we claim that we are like-minded people, the easier it is to divide us with the thorns of malice, a human nature. We must accept that we are coming from different backgrounds, abilities, gender, social status, physical appearance, annual income, political inclination, etc. and must agree upon one thing that we have in common, our desire to learn!

We also have the same culture in my previous call center jobs [yeah, I was a hopper! Lols!]. We embrace diversity and admire its beauty. That's why it's easier to get along with everyone because we understand that we're all different. And that's how a society flourish and go beyond its preconceived limitations!

Our only limitation is time. That's why they're always saying, "mag-value ng time". Lols!

Individually, we have our own schedules when we're planning to be millionaires. For some, it must be on their 30s, others when they reach 40s. However, learning together will allow us to drastically advance our schedules. Collectively, we can make that difference!

Are you behind your schedule? Then, let's help each other. Join us in INVESTinFUN.

Our mission seems impossible, kindly read our MANIFESTO.

Even messiahs need to perform miracles in order to be acknowledged. We then have to produce miracles everyday! First, within ourselves. Wake up every morning when the alarm rings; perform your "Winner's Morning Routine" religiously; plan your [paper] trade, trade your plan; evaluate your performance and look for opportunities for improvement; and then repeat!

Those are our personal miracles that we have to fulfill. And they don't come cheap! We have to do the hustle!

And then, to others. Share your meager understandings to your family members, closest friends, colleagues and classmates. Then, we'll be acknowledged; not for the popularity nor to win anyone's approval, but to make a point. We have to prove to the 99% of Filipinos that it's possible to be someone who deserve a life of abundance!

If only a miracle can reach 50% of the population, and requires a lot of resources, then let's be miracle warriors. Let's build an army against ignorance and poverty! Let's spread awareness about financial literacy!

We are at the forefront, that's why we cannot expect that the battle will be easy. We'll have to go through a lot, but we'll brave them together.

Our ancestors, THE OPHIRIANS, were rich in culture and gold, and The Datus, were courageous and righteous. Why don't we borrow those hidden gems from them? Like recessive genes, they can be awakened! It'll all start from our self-talk, our conversation with the universe.

Everything is presented to us. Uprisings. Movements. Revolutions. Even omens that are God's instructions that we can act upon have declared... it's about time for...

The Ophirian Renaissance.

Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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