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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Sinubukan mo na bang kausapin ang sarili mo sa harap ng salamin? I asked myself: "Who are you?" I then answered my own question, "I am Zero."

And then I wonder, is it me who was talking or the person on the other side?

Earlier today, I broke my own rule. I was only supposed to touch my phone after all of my morning routines, but I did took it out from the cabinet where I hid it from last night.

I had a heated convo with my sister in relation to the prior arrangements that we have agreed upon about some financial stuff. I was chatting with her on my phone, while responding to our classmates' chats on my laptop.

It's like I have two roles that I'm supposed to play at the same time. A strict big brother that needs to discipline his younger sister [high blood ako nun pramis, like nagmumura pa because of frustration] and Zero that needs to encourage a classmate who seemed lost in his journey [kailangan uber positive ang responses, otherwise lalo made-depress si classmate]. And that was before my morning rituals that supposedly would have given me inspiration for the whole day.

And then, I thought to myself... "Ang plastic ko. How can I say positive things to one person and then talk sh*t to another at the same time? Is this who I really am?" And then I realized, people can be harsh sometimes because they care so much about their family, right?

"Who am I, really?" I have come up with four ways to answer this question.

Can you still remember when you're still a little kid? You're more open to all possibilities that come your way, right? Gusto natin tikman lahat ng pagkain na makikita pag lumalabas kasama ang pamilya. 'Yung mga panahong gusto natin matutunan patugtugin ang lahat ng musical instruments. Noong nagro-role playing tayo kunwari doktor na nanggagamot ng may sakit o teacher na nagtuturo sa mga estudyante. Or ginagaya sina Son Gokou sa pagkame-hame-wave! Lols! Pati 'yung tipong kahit magpapagulong-gulong sa lupa basta masayang makapaglaro kasama ang mga kaibigan at kapitbahay. Kahit mapagalitan ni nanay dahil kung anu-ano kinakain kagaya ng alatiris. Lols!

The good times when we're excited to discover everything that's new and the world is ours for the taking! Our curiosity helped us experience the world without malice, seen things just the way they are, without fear and worry.

We didn't have to wear different lenses to see different colors of people and wear different masks in order to fit in and belong to any groups. And they say that "ignorance is bliss" as if our years of experience made us all wise enough to judge others.

Are we really better than our younger selves? Really? I implore you to think again. Our lives are not just measured in years but in the lives of people we've touched around us.

How come that most successful people nowadays are younger than ourselves? Perhaps, because they are embracing themselves more, unwilling to mindlessly take the reality pill that we are forcing them to swallow everytime they're about to realize their destiny.

Let's hear it from the king and the shepherd:
“In the long run, what people think about shepherds and bakers becomes more important for them than their own destinies.” “Why are you telling me all this?” ....”because you are trying to realize your destiny. And you are at the point where you’re about to give it all up.” ― The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

When you were a child, do you used to think that you can control the wind? And the people around you didn't agree so you had to dismiss the idea? Recently, I've found out that I am part of the wind and all of the universe. Books written by wise men would tell you this. Some have it in volumes, others have it in lines, but the thoughts are all the same.

We all took different paths in life where we discovered our true selves. After all, "knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." ― Aristotle

Let me share how I discovered and keep on searching within myself.

I remember buying a book when I was in college entitled: "The Devil's Dictionary". Lols! I won't give you any excuses on why I bought it. I just thought that time that, perhaps I am a devil. I need to know for sure. Well, I did enjoy reading it like really laughing hard that I cried a couple of times because I really found it funny! Lols! I wasn't scared of what I would find out. I was more curious of knowing my own nature; "Am I good or evil?" I realized that I'm beyond either.
I also took personality tests every now and then. May obsession kasi ako dati sa astrology. Hindi dahil sa horoscope ah! Lols! It started when I conducted my research on Ancient Chinese Civilizations. Wala lang, fascinated lang ako sa mga messages ng universe sa atin. Pero kahit gaano karaming personality tests na ang sinagutan ko, tatlo lang ang sinave kong links. I chose the test results that showed the best version of myself. Syempre para 'yun ang panghawakan ko at hindi ang mga version na hindi ko naman mapapakinabangan. ITO ang isa sa mga fave personality tests ko.

That's the snapshot of my old blogsite. I know, right? A know-it-all who claims to have original ideas. Dami hanash! Lols! Writing has also been my mistress who dutifully listens to my every expressions especially when life seemed indifferent to my longing.

Nagkaroon din ako ng iba't ibang klase ng trabaho. And since 'di ako graduate, kahit ano pinasok ko for the sake of work experience. Kayo na po bahala humusga. 'Di pa kasama ang nam-budol saken at mga raket d'yan ah! Lols! All of those exploits were for my search for a company that would give me the right benefits and purposeful career, somewhere I can grow personally and professionally. Kaya naman when I feel like I'm no longer growing, resign agad. Lols! Evidently, wala sa company, kundi nasa akin ang sagot and it took a long time bago ko ito talagang narealize.
Yeah, I'm kinda weird and I don't think that it's a disability. I think mas na-enjoy ko ang buhay ko because of those experiences. Those were the years when I was still young, selfish, lost and incapable of any kinds of compromise.

When we're still young and carefree, we're clueless of who we really are. However, that's also the times when we're crazy enough to believe that we can make a difference!

We have let ourselves wander the reality that the past few generations before us have created, where everything seems to be comfortable. Now, let our minds rebel because of the years of stagnation!

"Who I really am?" "What do I really want?" & "How do I want to grow?"

These are fundamental questions in life that we seem to take for granted because of our superficial beliefs that are composed of social constructs that humanity has imposed upon himself.

Let's then add one more fundamental question that perhaps can help us in our search for answers: "How do I want to contribute to my country or to the world?"

They're questions that can only be answered by you, and yourself alone. And more than finding the right answers, let's ask the right questions first. If you have to read "The Devil's Dictionary", then go ahead. If you need to take several personality tests, then fine. If you have to write, sing, dance or whichever form of self-expressions you have, then by all means, do it. If you have to join different companies, then it's up to you. Let's just make sure that we have the right reasons when we're searching for the truth about ourselves. Hindi dahil heartbroken ka at kailangan mo mag soul-searching kunwari. Lols!

As a newbie in the markets, I also have a lot to learn and explore. Now, I'm excited to discover new ways to know myself like how to be consistent with my routines and meditation exercises. I also hope that I can tag along with other people's trading journey like a classmate in our attempt to understand a collective consciousness called the stock market.

We can all start from Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis or any methods of understanding the markets. However, in our journey to becoming successful traders and entrepreneurs, it's essential to truly know and understand ourselves first. After all, the markets consist of people, and not charts nor big figures that only serve as indicators of our collective behavior.

We don't have to confuse ourselves in choosing which path to take. We just have to find our own way, whether it's a road that's less traveled or not. Let's not dismiss everything on face value because all forms of opportunities has something to offer.

The opportunities to learn about ourselves, others and the world are limitless!

Our self-awareness that's beyond measure is our greatest treasure. Like the "Lost Diadem Of Ravenclaw", we still have a chance to find ourselves through our past, where hidden knowledge of our ancient civilization lies. Click HERE to find out.

If you don't know where to start and have no answer yet for the forth fundamental question: "How do I want to contribute to my country or to the world?", then perhaps you can start HERE. Whenever you're ready, join us in THE REVOLUTION!

We're all in this together, classmates. We can all start from Zero.

Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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