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Friday, August 24, 2018


For the ancient Greeks, it's a place where Apollo was said to have slain a dragon, Phyton, who lived and protected the Navel Of The Earth; or where Zeus sought to find Gaia.

Perhaps, it's not really a place but a vessel like a human body. I guess, no one can really tell; after all, delphic means deliberately obscure and ambiguous.

What would you do if you've encountered a dragon? Would you slay it like what Apollo did to Phyton? Then, good for you.
Well, unfortunately for us, we didn't have much choice but to listen very carefully and follow its instructions, do our research before its schedule to torture us, answer its questions that we're supposed have anticipated, and expect a flying chalk when we couldn't meet its expectations.

The dragon was our professor [she prefers to be called a doctor because of her PhD]. She's just one of the four dragons in CASS [College Of Arts And Social Sciences].

One of my unforgettable encounters with the dragon was the group presentation about The Ancient Chinese Civilizations. Of course, every group member had had their fair share of the subtopics since it's a very broad subject. They nominated me as the leader. I didn't appreciate it because it meant that I needed to do more research. Anyway, I was used to that. I actually like going to the library instead of playing "Patintero With The Dragons". It was the newest craze in town.

I usually do my research only the day before presentations. The rush of doing impromptu presentations were exhilarating! But that presentation was different. For some reason, I decided to read two weeks before the presentation [or a month perhaps, I can't remember the exact timeline]. I was glued in reading about this ancient civilization.

Long story short, we nailed the presentation and survived the wrath of the dragon spitting fire. I didn't use my shield from any incoming chalk that day. My armor was useless.

She told me that my head was glowing with an aura, like flares and clouds of energy. That's probably her way of showing her approval. It was the first lesson I've got about the all-embracing subject of "The Secret" and I haven't got any clue that she's indoctrinating us.

I didn't had a clue then about the complexities and intricacies of the universe.

It's too abstract for me to understand at the time. We have so much to learn about our universe or even multiverse. That's why we can associate it with simpler terms perhaps like playing a piano, using the joystick of our PS4, dancing with a sword, using prostheses, or any other device or technology.

These devices become part of our movements, an extension of our bodies when we've master using them, right? What I'm trying to say is, I think I now understand the basic principles that my professor was trying to tell us. It's "The Sense Of Knowing".

The ancient Egyptians call it Aka or Akh, the invisible thread that creates matter. Other ancient civilizations probably have their own version of the same concept. In our circle, people fondly call it "The Zone", coined by Mark Douglas in his book "Trading In The Zone".

We can also call it intuition, the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Google said so.

Again, it could be a place, a state of mind, an ability, a dimension, anything or anywhere that you can wander about or even stay. In there, you can do as you please. It's safe. It's peaceful. It's where you're supposed to be.

The more we study the markets, the more we will realize that it's not just about winning trades but rather getting in the zone. The green portfolio is a mere consolation price, it's but a consequence of a higher purpose of understanding yourself and other people.
It's just one step to a greater awareness, elevating our consciousness that would bring us into alignment with people [not only in the market but in the society in general], spaces and situations which serve us best.

Kapag nagkita ulit kami ni Ma'am, I'd thank her for a lesson that I've learned from her only after 12 years.

For the students of the market, we can follow the the trend forward, back, or sideways... but ultimately, the journey will always be within.

Let's continue learning and know ourselves, classmates!

Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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