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Saturday, August 18, 2018


The Potato, Egg And Coffee Story is inspiring, right?
Tara patunayan natin na itlog tayo, titigas tayo pagkatapos pakuluan. O kaya naman ay kape, gagawa ng bagong buhay pagkatapos ng paghihirap. Eh paano kung patatas pala?

Patatas kasi... sa kagustuhan na patunayan na itlog o kape, lumulublob pa rin sa kumukulong tubig kahit na hindi pa handa. There are certain conditions para tumigas ang itlog at maging inumin ang coffee beans. 

Paano kung penoy pala 'yung itlog? Kapag pinakuluan mo 'yun, malambot pa rin 'yun. Paano kung 'yung coffee bean hindi pa nabalatan, binilad, niluto, atbp? Kapag pinakuluan 'yun, kahit tsaa yata hindi pwede pumasa 'yun.

There's an equally inspiring story of two eggs. The first one was cracked from the outside; it was destroyed. The other one cracked from the inside; a new life emerged.

Lahat naman tayo gustong mag-hatch kung itlog man tayo, hindi ba? Pero aabot ba tayo sa puntong 'yun kung palagi tayong nagpapagulong-gulong sa kalsada kung saan maraming sasakyan ang dumadaan o side walk kung saan maraming pedestrians ang naglalakad?

How about we grow some legs first then we can wander about anywhere while waiting to hatch? Perhaps, we need more preparation. Even Harry Potter undergone Occlumency Lessons before he can prevent Professor Snape from accessing his mind, right?

“Hardships make or break people.” ― Margaret Mitchell

Is it hard to figure out which realm the majority of traders are in? It breaks us, evidently.

Thinking how to think is just a play of words if you won't think about it; learning how to learn will remain a foreign concept if you won't learn how to do it.

We often hear people saying "control your mind" or "control your emotions"; sometimes the proper advice comes with "the how" but sometimes it's wrapped with malice and pleonexia.

They probably mean well, perhaps we just didn't get the message right, just like the stories about the eggs, the potatoes or any other stories you can come up with. When they say "persevere and hope for the best", does it mean we have to "average down" and put more into an already losing trade? I don't think so.

They say, "Content is king. Context is kingdom."


There's a number of studies about "Selective Learning Process" but it's just basically a mechanism to choose relevant information that serves you.

Is the market noise too loud not to notice? Or do you keep on joining the crowd in order to satisfy yourself with the familiar temporary human need of belonging to a group regardless whether it's providing clarity or more confusion and more distraction?

We're the ones making choices which books to read, which personalities to follow and which videos to watch; we choose whether to listen to the noises or focus on our studies; whether to use "Tanong Analysis" or SWOT Analysis; whether to rely on other people or know ourselves first and then conduct our own research.

May Google naman. May mga tools naman. May eBooks naman. Only you can determine what are the things that really matter and serves you [and others].

One of my favorite examples given in "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" is about the printer:
The reason why mentors are always emphasizing on the importance of consistency and [morning] routines is for us to hack our obsolete and dysfunctional PROGRAMMING. Our old ways didn't serve us well for most of our lives, right?

The choices are limitless but ultimately don't amount to anything of real value if we fail to decide on taking action, not just when we feel like doing it, but every single day. Lesson #5: TO TRULY CHANGE IS TO THINK GREATER THAN YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Review it HERE.

That's why we devised a NEWBIE-CENTRIC Approach in our FREE ONLINE COURSE FOR BEGINNERS. It's obviously not a proper and certified course but rather a preparatory class for New Stock Market Students.

Let's create those necessary conditions [for the egg and coffee bean], grow those legs [for the wandering egg], hack those software [or old programming] by designing a new environment that would prepare us to be better students of the market.

Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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