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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. The unsuccessful ones are always asking,
"What's in it for me?” ― Brian Tracy
What does it mean to help others? We probably have done countless good deeds in our lives from simply saying "Hi!" with a smile to our colleagues at work, giving up your seat for an elderly on the train, letting the ladies enter the room first before you do, even by just doing your job, providing excellent customer service to your clients not because that's expected of you but because you genuinely care about them.
"Cut me and I’d bleed questions, ideas, and love for humanity! A highly entrepreneurial, always curious and resourceful salesman with blah blah blah..."
That's my profile headline on LinkedIn. I know, right?! Cliche! Lols!

However, the minute I saw that post on my [Facebook troll account's] newsfeed about the Project Seed's "Be The Change Challenge", I got too excited that I think I lost that sense of love for humanity. I didn't even bother researching about the challenge before jumping into it. Kung itutuloy ko man, it's gonna be my first time participating in this project. I posted my RAK [Random Act Of Kindness] just to qualify for the application. I was clearly clouded by greed and selfishness because even when I had my reservations in posting it on my troll account and on my real Facebook profile, I still went on and did it anyway.

I finally came to my senses and felt embarrassed so I deleted the post when I woke up around 2am [UAE Time]. How can it be an act of kindness if I didn't have the right intentions at heart? My initial idea was for me to finally talk to my younger brother after a long time of no communication if that even counts as a RAK.

We stopped talking because I was frustrated and disappointed with his performance in school. Siya na lang ang inaasahan namin na magtatapos ng college, pero tinamad na at 'di na nagaral, not to mention walang pa rin s'yang trabaho. It didn't matter to me if he graduates or not, because I too see nothing special in that overrated piece of paper [aka diploma]. It's just that mama would be proud to have at least one kid who graduated from college.

It's such a depressing idea to contact him first kaya 'yung pag-facilitate ko na lang sa seminar namin about stock market ang pinost ko as my entry for RAK. Kahit na mabaliw-baliw na ako kakaisip kung itutuloy ko ba kasi baka ma-offend 'yung mentor namin kapag nakita n'yang mas gusto ko pa sa ZFT kaysa mag-stay at magpatuloy sa group namin. I somehow felt like I don't have any loyalty and couldn't show gratitude. I could have just worked in silence and study by myself, look up to ZFT mentors and my original group's mentors from afar, but I chose to post that RAK instead.

My de facto mentor from the first seminar that I attended contacted me to reassure me that our mentors from Dubai would understand. I know that they're insightful, open-minded individuals and would even be proud if got chosen but I still felt guilty. Anyway, that's already in the past. It's a learning experience na rin kaya move on na lang.

After retracting the post, I looked into what RAK really means in ZFT's terms. I saw a lot of posts and read a decent number of them to finally understand what they are trying to accomplish. Or do I?

They started doing this initiative last March 2016 if I am not mistaken.
That's when I realized that I totally got it all wrong. Qualifying for Project Seed's Mentoring Program was just a consolation and not the main price in doing RAK. What matters is that whatever you do to help others, whether it be small or simple, for as long it made someone else's day, you've already become the change that you wanna see in the world.

I think I'm already doing my fair share of RAK everyday by just blogging and sharing some info and best practices on my Facebook profile that I think would be helpful to my fellow kabayans. I shouldn't have bothered doing something else because we all have different ways of helping others and sharing my meager learnings through writing has been my way of doing so.

However, something's still bugging me inside.

It didn't take a long time to figure out what's up with me. I reckon that I needed to send my younger brother a message. We were pretty close before pero parang nawala na lang 'yung bonding as time goes by. So, how and where should I start?

Una kong naisip na asarin ko kaya kasi wala pa rin s'yang trabaho! Lols! Kaso baka ma-bad trip. Bahala na. Tinanong ko na lang kung may time s'ya. Tuturuan ko s'ya about Stock Market Trading. Ayun, after ilang oras nag-reply naman. Gusto naman n'ya. Ehdi may first assignment agad s'ya saken just like the old days hehe

An act of kindness doesn't have to be random, expensive nor well-planned and executed; it doesn't have to be complicated nor glamorous with glitters and confetti; it doesn't have to be done in public, with pictures shared on Facebook or Instagram; it doesn't have to be done with an organization, groups of friends nor a partner; it doesn't have to be just today, tomorrow or only when there's a challenge; it doesn't have to fit anyone's standards of what "kindness" means; and most importantly, it doesn't have to be just random strangers that you can help because you can start with your own family and closest friends...

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, do it. Just make sure that it's true to your heart.

'Di ko na siguro kailangan sumali sa challenge ng Project Seed. Sapat na sakin na nagkaroon ako ng dahilan para kausapin at i-mentor ulit ang bunso namin. I'm still glad that it all happened. I've learned a lot today.

Pwede na akong bumalik sa pagtulog at paghihilik ko. I'm now at peace with myself.

Ikaw, nagawa mo na ba ang RAK mo for today?

For more information on how to join ZFT's RAK and Project Seed Application Process, kindly check their Facebook Page HERE.
Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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