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Thursday, August 9, 2018


Nakapaglaro ka na ba ng chess? Or kahit papaano ay alam kung paano ito laruin? The basic principle is to move your pieces in preparation, not just for an attack but for that "Check-Mate". You have to be at least 3 moves [or more depending on your mastery of the game] ahead of your opponent.

Now, let me ask you something that you're more familiar with. After the first seminar that you've attended [or the first instance that you've learned the basics] about the stock market, how long did it take you to realize that it's not as easy as it seems? Three years? A year? A month? A week?

I know someone who took five years.

After two weeks of blogging, I started receiving messages from kabayans asking for help in charting, in studying, breaking their habits, etc. because they were under the impression that I'm a mentor. I was like... do I have to be a certified mentor first before I can share my learnings however meager that might be? If yes, says who?

Ideas are meant to be shared. No one owns any idea because we all came up with that idea by borrowing others'. Intellectual property and patent rights have been created to monetize the exchange and use of ideas and technology. However, for as long as you know your limitations, provoke critical thinking and not claim that you know it all, it's okay to share valuable information that you think may help others.

Anyway, since I'm also a newbie and couldn't help them as much as I would love to, we'd always end up sharing our experiences and common challenges in our journey instead.

Believe it or not, there were kabayans who told me that they have been trading for years without knowing that they need to study first, read books, research, use resources like charting software, etc. in order to execute properly and gain from their trades and investments, at least not until recently.

Every single time I receive such messages, I can't help but be thankful that I started the right way because I'm taking my time to learn it first before losing any of my hard-earned savings.

I soon found out that I need to conquer myself first, change my daily routine into "winner habits" to have a mindset of successful people before I can go any further. This is pretty cliche but I too had difficulties breaking my habits. The first "life hack" that I've thought of to overcome this difficult challenge of rebooting my mindset was to include in my WHYs something that's beyond myself, and it came almost instantly...

A mother would think of her children. A teacher would think about his/her students. A business owner would think about his/her employees. Whatever or whoever that is, it should be enough to make you get up in the morning and seize the day! 'Yung tipong gagawin mo ang lahat para sa taong 'yun. 'Wag mo na po isama ang ex mo sa equation. Lols!

Madalas ang dahilan natin para bumangon sa umaga ay ang ating pamilya. Ginawa ko na 'yan. Kulang pa rin kahit mahal ko naman sila. Inisip ko na rin isama ang mga friends. Mas lalong 'di uubra. And then, naisip ko si Duterte.

Nung nakumbinse ako na may pagasa na ang Pinas kung si Duterte ang maging presidente noong 2016 presidential elections, ayun nabuhay ang katawang lupa ko. Katipunero mode on! Lols! Marami naman sa atin ang nabuhayan ng loob dahil kay Tatay Digong, 'di po ba?

Perhaps, that desire to make a difference for the Philippines can also help me do what I have to do to change my mindset. I thought, "hey, that could work". Nagawa ko nga na maging obsessed sa pagbabasa ng balita at pagpo-post sa aking political blog para tulungan si Tatay Digong against black propaganda in my own little ways. So, why not use that same energy to a more productive venture like changing my mindset, studying the stock market and spreading the awareness about its possibilities?

Ayus! Gumagana! Kaso may mga negative feedback and experiences kahit gusto mo lang naman makatulong to spread awareness. Hayys... tigilan na nga ang kalokohan na ito. Who am I kidding? 'Di ko naman sila kaano-ano.

The obsession and burning passion to help kabayans is always there but I can only sustain it when I'm getting positive results. Apparently, it's not that effective of a hack to change my mindset because there are times that the very people that you want to help tend to disappoint you.

And then, I remember someone whom I care for has also disappointed me but I still somehow find a way to think differently and hope that I can still help him. It's my younger brother. I guess it's really more meaningful if you're HELPING SOMEONE YOU KNOW. From my family to friends to Duterte to kabayans, I went back to zero. Napatunayan kong babalik at babalik tayo sa pamilya.

If I have the burning desire to help kabayans coupled with my care for someone I know, then perhaps, I can finally change my mindset. So far, it's working perfectly!

Remember, the principle of playing chess? It's almost the same with teaching. One of the basic foundations in teaching is getting ahead of your students, but unlike in chess where you have another person as your opponent, in teaching, it's just yourself. It's likewise not about proving that you know more than your students but making sure that you are the right person to guide them. That way, you can bet your a** that you'll study very hard!

My alma mater PNU, a premier institution in education, has taught me that I should be a library ahead of my students. Right now, I think I'm just 20 books ahead of my brother. And he is a fast learner! Maygad! Extra challenge na itu! Lols! Teaching someone is like reviewing and preparing for the finals with your classmates.

What I've learned so far is to lower my expectations in order to handle disappointments and negative feedback effectively. And when someone's really testing my patience, I'd go back to my WHYs and try to see the good in that person.

May isang linya sa MMK na hinding hindi ko makakalimutan: "Ikaw na lang ang umintindi sa kanya dahil, sa inyong dalawa, ikaw ang may kakayahang umunawa."

Here are thoughts to ponder upon, if someone's offering you some help, perhaps like giving you a copy of a book, by all means, doubt his/her intentions. It means that you're thinking.

If you're smart enough, you'd get the copy of the book, say thanks and goodbye. If you're kind enough, you'd get the copy of the book, say thanks and, in exchange, share a copy of a different book that he/she might appreciate. If you're wise enough, you'd get the copy of the book, say thanks and share a copy of a different book that he/she might appreciate and be friendly with him/her. Who knows, you might actually be real friends, right? You don't have to burn the bridges by antagonizing strangers, right? If you don't know how to respond... then, ignore the message. Simple. Use your energy wisely and be friends with positive people who share your passion.

Whichever way you choose to respond to people, always take a deep breath and [try to] see the good in them first. Let's not limit ourselves with a social construct called prejudice. We're all once little kids and we get along pretty well, right?

We're all capable of change. We just have to figure out how to get out from our cocoon of limitations. How about you, what "life hacks" are you using to push yourself to become a better version of yourself?
Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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