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Sunday, July 15, 2018


The common denominator of all the testimonials that I have heard from the first seminar that I attended, social media posts that I have seen, youtube videos that I have watched, articles and blogs that I have read, is this... you have to lose money in order to learn, and then earn.

Do I really have to?

I'm not even in the market yet, but there were nights that I couldn't seem to sleep thinking about it. Is it because of fear?

I'd like to believe that I am a risk-taker. I love adventures like crazy if you know what I mean. Adrenaline junky here! Lols! I've had so many experiences that I am not so proud of sharing here but have certainly made my life so much fun and colorful! 😁

That's why the two fave lines that I always try to live up to have been these:
"No noble thing can be done without risks." & "Fortune favors the brave."

However, for some reason, I cannot seem to be the same in the market.

And then, I stumble upon this TEST.

That's when I realized that it's not going to be easy. My toughest nemesis would be myself!

But still, there's a lot of good things going on for me.

The organizer of the seminar that I attended has become my de facto mentor. She was very passionate and that's what I really appreciate about her. She would pm me to follow up on my documents for the opening of an account, she'd give me advice on how to start, encourage me to also mentor the attendees of the upcoming seminars, etc.

I think I'm on the right track. Goodbye to the unlimited resources online that I have been reading for the longest time that doesn't actually amount to anything of relevance to me and my pursuit of wealth and abundance. It's different now!

Everything's exciting!

Except for one depressing fact... I just recently lost my job. I am an OFW, and like most of us, I have bills to pay, not to mention a property that I have to pay monthly [it was my first investment, a stupid one!].

At last, I now have the privilege of learning new things from the experts in growing money! The LODIs that I'm now following online. But at the same time, I no longer have the luxury of losing any money either. What a shame...

In spite of all of those, I stepped forward and discussed the basics and some funda in the last seminar that our group has conducted while waiting for the mentors to arrive from Dubai. Buti na lang may prepared akong PowerPoint Presentation! Hihi 😁

Even if I have delivered and exceeded my mentor's expectations, I couldn't speak with 100% confidence in front of the attendees because I didn't have a PORT to show or a real first-hand experience yet with execution.

If I cannot help my fellow Filipinos by showing my results since I couldn't even start, then let me try to share my meager understandings that I recently acquired from people who are generous enough to share their knowledge and wisdom for free.

My investor personality and my current circumstances made me decide to do blogging instead.

I dunno. I just can't seem to stop reading more and more about stock market investment and trading. My single-minded drive to read articles after another in the past about our dear President Duterte and write THESE BLOGS, trying to protect him against critics and haters have subsided. I have found a new obsession! Lols! πŸ˜

Now, my new journey has begun but I don't know where to start.

I used to have a mentor that guided me but soon after I discovered her other reasons for building a community of traders, I've decided to keep my distance and now am looking for another. 'Wag na po ninyo alamin kung ano yung reason. Mabait naman po si Ma'am at marami tinutulungan. Magkaiba lang po siguro talaga kami ng priorities at daan na tinatahak. 😁

For now, I'm like a freelancer. No group. No mentor. [No job! Lol!] Just me and well... not the market yet... me and the Wi-Fi that I use for research. πŸ˜

This is the other reason why I created this blog. One is to share my inadequate learnings and another is to look for a mentor on the side.

So, there... if you're a mentor, expect to receive a personal message from me. Iistobohin po kita! Lols! πŸ˜

I won't be asking for too much because I know you're probably busy. If you just happen to have a list of books that you think can help, I'd forever be grateful! As in!

Pero kahit hindi po mentor, sana mai-share din po ninyo ang mga books and reading materials na nakatulong sa inyo sa pagti-trade. I'd really appreciate it po. Let's just chat HERE. 😁

One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned from "The Power" is "The more you give. The more you receive."

Kaya kahit hindi pa mag-manifest yung "receive" part, let me "give" as much as I can. I hope you can help me build my arsenal, a library of books.

That's all I ask for now and I can promise you that I will impart everything that I will learn from you to other kabayans out there who are still in the dark. You can check out MANIFESTO when you are inclined to do so.

Hanap. Usap. Deal? πŸ˜
Please find time to read our MANIFESTO: THE LEAGUE OF PINOY STOCK MARKET STUDENTS.Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!

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