Basahin Ang Aming Manifesto:


Saturday, June 16, 2018


We live and breathe love for the Filipino People.

It’s our advocacy to reach everyone especially those who are in the dark, unknowing volunteer victims of the capitalist world; those who grew up believing that money is evil and the rich are offsprings of the devil; those who were thought of factoring quadratic trinomial, laws of exponents, the sum and difference of three cubes, the relationship of irrational numbers and many more math lessons in elementary and high school, but never learned anything relevant in relation to their daily economic activities after their academic lives; those who
never heard of what assets and liabilities are or the importance of cash flow is; those who are more than willing to spend their salary, their only source of income, on “stuff” or fondly-called “abubot” just because of the 3-day sale; those who are constantly acquiring liabilities because of their upgraded lifestyles; those who wanted to invest and use their lifetime savings but ended up becoming preys in the wild jungle of the stock market world, besieged in a war they never signed up for; those who always try to learn from their mistakes but bombarded by the unlimited, sometimes misleading and, most of the time, confusing or conflicting ideas, articles, books and tutorials online; those who got in but cannot seem to get out of the ring because they’d lose everything.

“Studies show that about 25.2 percent of Filipino families belong to the ’middle’ class and 0.1 percent belong to the ’upper’ class for a total of 25.3 percent. And yet only 8 percent invest.” – Randell Tiongson, Business Inquirer May 24, 2018

We, The League Of Pinoy Stock Market Students, are not self-proclaimed experts nor licensed financial professionals but, we are always and forever will be curious, determined to learn and share our acquired knowledge and wisdom from our own experience, with no fees and requirements aside from these two: you should be a Filipino and you should share what you’ve learned to our fellow Filipinos, regardless of age, social status, gender, academic achievement, religious background, political inclination, etc. It is of paramount importance and a moral imperative that you share your learnings for FREE for this is the very foundation our movement is constituted. Yes! This is not just another organization. This is a movement! Aside from our number one goal of teaching financial literacy to all Filipinos worldwide, we likewise aim to challenge the status quo, the market and its royalties, by beating them in their own game and take what is rightfully ours: economic stability, from the personal level up to the macro level. The more “retail investors” or so-called "ants" like us that will learn how to play the market, the more unpredictable it will become and the more difficult it is to manipulate the market. We're all supposed to evolve as traders in the markets, retailers and institutions alike, no exemptions. We are not supposed to lose money just because others have an upper-hand if we observe due diligence in our investments and that is our priority, to either lose a little, gain a little more or gain a lot more consistently, from one end-of-year term to another.

“Markets are actually set up so that most traders must lose money.” “Markets need a fresh supply of losers just as builders of the ancient pyramids needed a fresh supply of slaves. Losers bring money into the markets, which is necessary for the prosperity of the trading industry.” – Dr. Alexander Elder, The New Trading For A Living

It doesn’t have to be this way. So much for the blame game with others and even with one’s self, so much for “Caveat Emptor” that we always see and hear. It’s our moral responsibility to LEARN-AND-THEN-TEACH other Filipinos who want to have a better future! We can create our own reality, shape our own destiny and control our own economy by learning how our money will work for us and not stay as corporate slaves forever. The future belongs to us, the future breed of Pinoy Investors and Traders!
- Zero

May 2018, UAE
Our Manifesto
We're hoping to reach more Filipinos out there wherever you are in the world right now.
We need your help. If you have the same burning desire to help our kabayans without anything in return, please help us achieve our ambitious goal of a more proud, progressive and prosperous Philippines!
We need your inputs and valuable insights in sharing learnings and experiences in your journey from studying to executing, planning, etc. in investing and trading in the stock market, in business or even in real estate.
Send us a personal message HERE and we will share it to the world. We will mention you as the owner of the article or essay that you've sent or if you're more inclined to keep your privacy, then we'll use code names instead. To know more about the Guidelines on how to join us, please click HERE. God bless you all in your trading journey! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
Para sa amin, hindi kailangan na maging boring at kumplikado ang pagaaral ng stock market investment at trading. Tara, group study tayo mga kabayan! Let's all INVESTINFUN!


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